How to Get Rid of Face Wrinkles Naturally


Who doesn’t love smooth skin? Wouldn’t you try your best to keep your skin wrinkle-free? Wrinkles appear as you start aging due to lack of care and absence of moisture on your skin. Well, age is not the only factor of wrinkles on your face. It can also appear because of repeated artificial treatment on your face or smoking.

Instead of spending extra money on those expensive products that provide temporary relief and damages your skin internally, try these natural methods and get rid of your face wrinkles.

Apply Sunscreen

Avoid being too much under the sun or walk on under shades to Ultraviolet light. It damages the tissue of your skin and constrains your elasticity. You might be wearing sunscreen on beaches or pool but wearing sunscreen on your everyday routine will slow down preventing wrinkles on your face even after aging. Sunscreen also benefits skin for a long time and it will also prevent you from skin cancer.

Drink More Water

Drinking a sufficient amount of water, an approx of two liters each day is the solution of almost everything. When it comes to preventing your skin from wrinkles, water is proven to be one of the best methods that are effortless. Maximizing water intake helps to keep you hydrated. It removes toxins from your face and promotes healthy-looking skin.

Avoid Smoking

There can never be a good reason. You can even compare identical twins pair within one who smokes and one who doesn’t and you’ll see a clear difference of aging even prematurely at a young age. Smoking reduces blood circulation in your body which fastens up the natural aging process and indirectly summonses wrinkles to appear on your face. Take medical help or natural remedies if you face difficulty in quitting smoking.

Wash Face Daily

Washing your face every day and night before going to bed will be a bonus point to avoid wrinkles. Women who don’t often remove makeup and leaves it overnight results skin to absorb it. Most cosmetics contain severe chemicals that can damage your skin that’s why it is always suggested to a wet vibe or cleansing lotion to cleanse your face instead of scrubbing it. Always make sure to wash face with cold water to close your open pores on your face.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is a fruit that is rich in Vitamin C and prevents many skin problems such as wrinkles. Simply squeeze lemon juice in a bowl and massage it all over your wrinkled area on the face. Lemon will not only secure skin from wrinkles but also brighten it. Adding a slice of lemon in water will make your face glow. You can also try lemon balm leaf tea which repairs damaged skin and tissues.

Use Essential Oils

Put a few drops of natural products or oil such as olive oil, coconut oil in your moisturizer to absorb nutrients from these oils which elastics your skin. Massage olive oil before sleeping and wipe it off with a towel and you will wake up with glowing skin. Apply it twice a day because olive oil contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that fight free radicals. Coconut oil is a natural palliative. Show some love to your skin with a massage of coconut oil and bring back the moisture to it.

Fruits and Vegetables

Try the intake of proper food that is rich in vitamins. You can do a lot with fresh fruits and vegetables because they are skin-friendly and make your skin firmer. Fruits such as banana, mango, pineapple, berry, that eliminates dead skin because these are rich in fibers, and boosts your skin health. Vegetables such as carrot, broccoli, tomato, are rich in Vitamin A and promotes collagen production.