10 Quick Tips on How to Stay Awake During Work



There’s nothing wrong in falling asleep at work” – Said no boss ever!

You can never be 100% productive at work if your eyes is seeking time to sleep. This constant tiredness at work can not only make your performance low but also affect your health anyway.

Tiredness and sleepiness at work is most likely to occur when you’ve been experiencing these situations lately:

  • You stay up all night and don’t get enough sleep before work
  • Your rotating shifts makes it harder for you to set sleep schedule
  • Overthinking or stress
  • You consume caffeine before going to bed
  • Your room is not quiet for a peaceful sleep
  • You spend too much time on TV or smartphone

We have gathered some quick tips to stay awake at work and save yourself from getting fired. You might be familiar with some of these but never thought this could be a life savior at work.

Let’s Start!

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1. Take a Short Walk

Tips to stay awake

If your work lies around sitting at a desk all day then it’s no wonder you’d be sleepy. Therefore, taking short walks during work hours will help stay active and awake.

Even more, you can even roam around your cubicle or work premises to avoid getting distracted. A walk is important to keep you alert in the daytime.

2. A Cup of Coffee

Tips to stay awake

We often get this question that how to stay awake during work. This is one of the best tips to stay awake – Caffeine is well-known to prevent sleep at any time of the day or night. Drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee will boost your activeness and it will keep you awake for a long time.

But, do not consume caffeine more often that it becomes your habit. Because it might affect your sleep at night.

3. Take Short Breaks during Work

Working non-stop for hours can obviously make you tired and drowsy. Especially people who have jobs such as sitting at a cash counter, looking in front of the screen all day or simply a call operator.

Tips to stay awake

You definitely need a short break after every 2 hours.

  • Attend your phone call while walking
  • Take tea breaks
  • Get up and go to your colleague to pass a message

4. Lighten Up Your Workspace

Tips to stay awake

Keeping your workspace dark will automatically make the atmosphere inactive and you’ll want to sleep.

If you’re working a day time, let the sun get in through window or if you’re working at night, increase the electronic light. This will help you prevent sleep during work.

5. Keep Snacks Ready

Tips to stay awake

You must have been waiting to get a reason for munching snacks. Well, the good things is, healthy snacks also keeps you awake and alert as much as they satisfy your appetite.

When working for long hours, keep healthy snacks handy with low sugar and added fats. Such as peanuts, yogurt, fruits or nuts. One of proven tips to stay active at work.

6. Turn on Some Music

Tips to stay awake

Nothing works better than some soft music which keeps you attentive in your work. It also boosts up your workaholic mood and keeps you cheered up. But make sure it doesn’t disturb somebody else. In either case, you can plug-in your headphones and work along with listening to some tunes.

7. Take a Short Nap

This sounds like an impossible thing because how could anyone nap at work? Hear us out!

You might not be able to take a nap during your job but you can surely take it before your duty hours start. It prevents further sleepiness and keeps you prepared for a long day ahead.

Else, you can always rest your head on your desk for a while without disturbing your workflow.

8. Splash Cold Water on Face

Tips to stay awake

Believe me – This works most of the time!

Whenever you feel sleepy or tired during work, get up and splash cold water on your face. It replaces heat in your body with refreshing cold water that actives your brain and makes you more alert.

9.  Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated during the daytime especially helps brain to focus more at work. Even more, it also stimulates the flow of urine urgency which bounds you to take a walk to the bathroom.

10.  Exclude Easy Tasks

Last tips to stay awake! When your brain is tired and you’re feeling sleepy, it clearly means you can’t accomplish major tasks at that time. Therefore, complete your important work when you’re 100% active. Hence, you can leave your minor tasks such as replying emails, calculating expenses or other miscellaneous work when you’re drained.