How Do Social Media Influencers Trigger Weight Loss



Have you ever wondered the reason why big celebrities, social media influencers and athletes take up on hashtag fitness challenge on social media?

Recently there was an on-going trend of #fitspo and #fitspiration challenge. Where social media influencers & other famous personalities shared their fitness routine and a few secrets to lose massive body weight in a short period. Hence, it was their way of promoting fitness and well-being!

Nowadays, we’re stuck in our homes (due to COVID-19). Therefore, social media is all we have that keeps us updated and on-track about current affairs & what’s going on in the world.

As they say, “rumors become facts on social media” which means just like everything else, we have both sides for the online world too. Good & bad.

Let’s continue with some positive vibes because today we’ll unwrap some hidden secrets on how social media triggers weight loss. We bet you’ll go all “Oh” once you’re aware of the fact that even the slightest information on social media can affect you.

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1.Advertisement Gimmicks on Social Media

Not everyone is born healthy or overweighed. Few of us intentionally let that happen to ourselves.

How exactly did we start gaining weight knowing the negative impact it’ll have on our body? Oh, wait! Did you also get sold out on those tempting advertisement you see on social media? You know those discounted deals, promotional offers and to top it off – Free vouchers!

Almost every big restaurant, retailer or even online grocery stores comes up with these appealing marketing tactics to trap you into buying stuff that you wouldn’t buy in other ways.

Once you showed interest in any item, other relatable products will automatically keep appearing on your social feed till you’re finally convinced to give it a go. It’s all a big trap but let’s keep that for some other day.

2.How Social Influencers Can Motivate You?

social media influencers

We understand how losing weight can be hard on some people. Therefore, social media influencers positively motivate weight loss through their channel.

They come up with fun challenges, weight loss tips for fitness, tag-your-friends memes to keep you on track with your desired weight.

Speaking of social media influencers, it’s mighty obvious that people who’re working hard to lose weight have already followed their social media gurus. And probably walking behind their footsteps. Sometimes, it can be the biggest motivation to keep going!

3.Hashtag Game Strong!

If you know, you know! Nearly 75% of the social track-chain is based upon hashtags. Let’s find out how!

You must have noticed that whenever the latest topic goes viral, it gets connected with a specific hashtag which fits the news! In fact, to join the bandwagon, you can simply search for that hashtag and all posts will appear on your timeline.

Similarly, when bloggers & influencers take upon a fitness challenge, they target a hashtag and nominates others to attempt that challenge. As it triggers people who’re attempting weight loss regime. That’s the power of hashtag!

4.Social Media Content Sway Their Audience

social media influencers

Since you follow every famous fitness freak on social media, it is no surprise that you actually look forward to their new tricks and techniques of losing weight. That’s why they use social media for health promotion.

Interestingly, it triggers us the most when we see people checking in to the gym, their every-day update of running or simply their healthy diet pictures.

All these things create competitive nature inside us (positively) and the passion for not-giving-up wins over & over again!

5. Follow Diet Plan on Social Media

social media influencers

Many social media influencers who themselves plan to lose weight, come up with a diet plan or weekly target. This can be a bonus for you as they share their every hour routine on their page. Hence, you can simply follow them step by step and if see if it boosts your weight loss goals any faster.

Moreover, the best fitness influencers also provide tips, live video and in-person talk to discuss more what they went through to get their desired weight without passing out. We know this ain’t easy but, you can do this!