Common Myths about Covid-19 | Self Health Pro


With the growing threat of Covid-19, where the world is taking some serious hits from the pandemic in every major country. Who knows how it will end. When we’ll finally start living our year 2020 or there will be scars left forever? Speaking of this disease. It reminds us of the common myths about Coronavirus trending over the internet. And to my surprise, people are actually believing it. Looks like our doctors and scientists can finally go on a vacation, we don’t need them.

I hope you caught the sarcasm!

Let’s see what myths we gathered from the internet and be honest with yourself if you actually believed any of those rumor – Keep reading!

1. Every Casual Flu Is Covid-19

This myth couldn’t be more wrong. Comparing any other flu with Covid is not only a misconception but also a sheer of fear among people.

While the symptoms may relate to each other but viral flu doesn’t make the cause of certain deaths. With Covid, you’re affected socially, mentally, physically and topmost, financially.

The common cold carries symptoms like running nose, cough & sneezing which may seem like Coronavirus (except for running nose). But later on, the addition of breathing difficulty, sore throat and body ache fits perfectly with the description of Covid.

2. Covid-19 Can Be Transmitted Through Flying Insects

There’s no scientific proven research shown that this disease can be transmitted from mosquitoes or other houseflies. For as far as we know, Covid-19 can only be transmitted from the droplets of infected person’s cough, sneeze or talks. Other than that, no other species is reported to spread the virus within range.

WHO strongly emphasizes on keeping at least 1-meter distance from people because the infected person’s droplet residue cannot travel more than 1 meter in air, it drops.

3. Coronavirus Mostly Affects Older People

Coronavirus comes with no age restriction and people of all ages are equally exposed to this virus as old aged. Therefore, don’t believe this myth.

Besides, people above 80 and those who are only suffering from a medical condition like diabetes, asthma, and other heart problems can get severely ill from this virus.

The WHO strongly emphasizes people to take necessary measures to prevent themselves from Covid. Wash hands frequently with soap and avoids touching your face.

4. Hot Weather Prevents Covid-19

The internet is filled with myths like hot weather up to 25C degrees stop Corona effect on the human body.

COVID-19 has absolutely nothing to do with weather or season. Countries with the hottest temperature have stated confirmed cases of this virus. Instead of depending on weather, think practically.

5. Covid-19 Is Incurable – There’s Only Death

It is uppermost important to clear these unrealistic rumors that have been the dilemma of fear amongst society.

Death is an unpredictable circumstance that can occur anytime. As far as we talk about Covid-19, the vaccine is in making and it can take up 15-18 to be tested. Until then, you can many safety precautions to prevent disease.

People who are already suffering from Covid, doctors, and frontline works are working 24/7 to get you to recover with proper medical treatment under isolation. And to your surprise, people around the world are actually recovering from Corona in a short period.

6. Our Country Is Corona-Free but Media Is Lying

Hundreds of health institutions, doctors and scientist are working day & night to gather advanced information regarding Covid-19.

All the major and minor countries that are stated in exposure to the virus are true. Media may slightly jeopardize about cases but the majority of the countries are not corona-free.

People are advised not to believe in such rumors roaming on the internet and stay protected.

7. Covid-19 Is Invented By a Human

Let’s break theories with facts. It is one of the common myths about Covid-19 that it was brought by a human.

Firstly, a human has nothing to do with the devising of Coronavirus. It concussively came through an animal like pig, bat, or bird that came in interference with a human.


Instead of believing everything you see on the internet, do your homework!

Covid-19 is dangerous and cause serious damage if you don’t take it seriously. Follow every precautionary measure stated by the WHO and keep yourself protected. A few things to follow:

  • Wash your hands after every 30 minutes with soap or alcohol-contained sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your face unnecessarily
  • Maintain social distancing with people. At least keep 1-meter distance while talking to somebody
  • Wear a mask as soon as you step out the house
  • Consult a doctor if you notice growing symptoms of virus