10 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy During Pregnancy

Stay Safe and Healthy During Pregnancy

Carrying a child in your womb for nine months is such an overwhelming feeling that can’t be described in words. Being a woman, we go through a lot to keep our children safe in our body. We are often surrounded by tons of pregnancy-related superstitions and yet we still can’t get enough of them. Eat this, don’t eat this, do this, don’t do this, sit down, lie down, stand up and whatnot. Sometimes these superstitions can be frustrating and you need to know the actual Dos and Don’ts for the safety of your and your baby’s health. Put all the myths aside, we have listed down all the necessary notes that you need to know for giving a healthy birth.

This article will help every mom-to-be out there to know pregnancy health tips to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Dos and Don’ts during Pregnancy:

#1 Eat Well & Right

Eating the right balanced diet during pregnancy will surely pay off. When a woman becomes pregnant, her intake of food is the most important focus than the rest, especially in these days. You need more iron, calcium, minerals, nutrients and, folic acid to be healthy during pregnancy. Be friends with fruits and vegetables to get the right amount of nutrients for you and your baby.

#2 Get a Good Sleep

Your body gets changed during pregnancy because of the hormones. The initial demand of pregnancy can be a good sleep. Therefore, aim for at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily and stick to it. Schedule your bedtime and take rest whenever you get the time. Give yourself a shut-eye call as soon as you feel a sign of fatigue.

#3 Drink Plenty of Water

During pregnancy, you become responsible for two lives, yours and your baby’s. Your body starts supplying oxygen and all the necessary nutrients to your baby through the placenta. So, to prepare your body for all the change, it needs hydration to support increasing body volume. Also, drinking more water can prevent constipation, fatigue, headache, hemorrhoids and, swelling.

#4 Stay Away From Alcohol

There can never be a good reason to drink alcohol when a woman is pregnant. When you take any kind of alcoholic beverage in your body either beer or wine it goes to your blood and reaches your baby through the umbilical cord. As much as it affects an adult, it does to the child. It can affect the baby’s growth, brain and, health.

#5 Don’t Smoke

A woman who smokes continuously while being pregnant is most likely to have birth-related problems. Babies born to smoking women are at a high risk of sudden infant death syndrome, miscarriage, premature birth, etc.

#6 Do Pregnancy Exercises at Home Daily

I’m sure you are tired of the myths that to stay healthy during pregnancy you shouldn’t even get up and move hands. Now we all are progressing with time and these myths are too old to believe. Exercise should be a must-do habit for the health of mommy and baby. Regular exercises help to deal with insomnia, unusual weight gain, muscle pain and, mood swings. You will get a benefit if you’re habitual of doing exercise daily before pregnancy then continue the routine. Consult your doctor or fitness trainer to guide you for pregnancy exercises.

#7 Must Get a Flu Shot

A pregnant woman should avoid getting sick because self-care is important. Getting a flu vaccine will prevent a woman from getting sick and developing a fetus.

#8 Don’t Eat Raw Meat

Stay far away from raw meat and other raw products. Raw or unpasteurized products will cause food poisoning, foodborne illness, listeriosis, and, toxoplasmosis to the mother. Pregnant women should avoid raw meat, sushi, cheese, egg, fish, liver and, milk.

#9 Parental Care

The time you find out that you’re pregnant, prenatal care becomes necessary regularly. Keep visiting your gynecologist weekly to know the status of your and your baby’s health. When the first time you visit your healthcare professional, they’ll tell you how many weeks you’re pregnant and they’ll predict the date of your delivery.

#10 Don’t Take Stress

Stress can be bad for you and your body and it should be avoided throughout your pregnancy period. Having a conversation and discussion with your closed ones can help you to overcome your stress and depression.


Pregnancy is the most beautiful time that you will cherish for your entire life. From the moment you get to know that you’re soon becoming a mother, self-care becomes important for you and your baby. Take a balanced diet and do daily exercise to stay safe and healthy.