Healthy Breakfasts: Quick & Easy Made Recipes for Busy Mornings


There must have been many mornings when you are so rushed for work that breakfast can never be an option. Though, we cannot deny the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should not miss it. It energizes your body and prepares you for the hectic day ahead.
Now let me tell you, don’t be fascinated that a gourmet breakfast would be served to you on the bed in busy mornings but you can pamper yourself with one of our healthy and easy to make breakfast recipes which you can carry and walk out on your way to the door.
Don’t get tangled that how is that even possible. Now you can satisfy your appetite and taste buds with these amazing grab-and-go breakfast recipes:

Egg Muffin

Egg Muffin

There is nothing as easy as making egg muffins for your busy mornings. You can make a good quantity of batches and freeze them for a week ahead.

Simply whisk eggs, add cheese and slices of bacon. Bake the mixture for approx. 15 – 20 minutes before serving. Your pack of protein is ready. Enjoy!

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

Avocado is incredibly nutritious. An avocado toast in the morning will boost up your stamina for the whole day. You can use avocado on toast as well as in a sandwich. Take 2 slices of bread, spread mashed avocado and top it off with sunny-side up eggs for a dose of protein. For refreshment, you can sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Your healthy breakfast is ready to eat!

Fresh Smoothie

In some days, you might not want to eat anything but you can never say NO to a mind refreshing smoothie.

You can play around with much substance in smoothies and make it with different fruits and yogurt flavors.

Blend fresh fruits (bananas, mangoes, berries go well) with yogurt and liquid of your choice. Make two serving, one for you and one for a friend.

Oatmeal Twist

Oatmeal Twist

Oatmeal will give you a healthy kick to start up your day. Oatmeal is a great energetic staple to keep on hand before going to work. Give a cheesy twist to your oatmeal by adding cheddar cheese, nicely diced bell peppers, onions and, eggs.

Bonus tip: Oatmeal can be cooked in different ways, such as savory, zucchini bread, raisin, or even blueberry oatmeal.

Egg & Sausage Muffins

How about waking up to the smell of sausages? Pair it with a scrambled egg and you can even add a tempting cheese slice and put a hash brown on the side. Bake your muffin in the oven for 20 minutes before serving. Here’s your first perfect meal of the day that is ready on-the-go.

Store these in your fridge and microwave it next time before eating.


How can we forget our vegan friends? We have a perfect treat for you people. Grab yourself a happy bowl of dessert for busy mornings. This is one of the easiest recipes you can think of. Just cook quinoa in almond milk and mix it with cocoa. You can make it even tastier by adding banana, berry and dark chocolate.

Pumpkin Granola

Pumpkin granola is a great combination of healthy and tasty morning breakfast. This is essential for your eye care. Put a rich layer of pumpkin pie on the bottom of your granola cup; add cashew or almond cream, Greek yogurt and a trickle of granola and sum it up with cinnamon on top.

Mini Frittatas


You got to try this superfood twist and set yourself up for a tough week ahead. This recipe will gonna be in your favorite recipe book because hey who doesn’t love Frittata on-the-fly? These mini frittata tins are super easy to make. Whisk your eggs, add milk, pepper, salt, and blend well. Add ham & cheese as per your taste and stir. Fill up the mixture in Frittata cups and bake them. Enjoy your cheesy breakfast!

Breakfast Cookies

Did anyone say cookie? For me too, please. You can substitute these as your after-exercise meal too because these chewy cookies are going to be full of nutrients. Mix your choice of ingredients in cookie batter such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, raisins, nuts, etc. they surely will taste great hot or at room temperature.