Hair Fall Prevention – How to Maintain Healthy Hair in Winter


Winter is one of our favorite seasons among all four but this season calls for a lot more care than usual. It’s not only about skin; it can also affect your hair and damage them. Cold, dry, harsh weather can sometimes be hard on your hair and it can cause hair fall.

Don’t let winter winds welcome serious hair fall. Try these easy tips to maintain healthy and shiny hair in winter.

Less Shampoo

The shampoo is good for cleansing dirt from your hair but few shampoo cause hair fall and dries them. Use shampoo very less often so that the natural oil in your hair stays. Keep them moist if you’re dealing with oily hair then use dry shampoo.

Wear Your Winter Hat

Going out without covering your hair in the winter season can be good news to hair fall. It can be easy for you to protect them by carrying a hat or hoodie along when you go out. To avoid making your hair frizzy, use a heat-activated spray to bring shine in your hair.

Lower the Shower Temperature

After a whole long day, everyone wants to relax under a hot steamy shower but this exposure can be a little risky to your hair. Keep heat temperature warns, not too hot. Take shower once in a week or wear a shower cap if you just wish to take a body bath.

Avoid Heat Styling

We all know it looks stylish when we straighten our hair but this is the worst thing you’d be doing to yourself in winter. If it must to heat style or curl your hair then you must use a hair serum or protectant sprays to initiate hair fall prevention and prevent hair from damage as well.

Get a Humidifier

To protect your healthy hair in winter, nothing can be a perfect solution than getting a humidifier. Keep a humidifier at home or work will hydrate the air in the atmosphere to avoid hair from getting too dry.

Treat Your Hairs with a Good Conditioner

Conditioner is an obvious element when we talk about hair care routine. It becomes even more important in winter because of the damage your hair gets due to wind and pollution. Treat yourself with deep conditioning at least once a week to regrow hair naturally.

Don’t Go With Wet Hair

Leaving the house with wet hair is already a bad idea, not only for hair but it can also catch you cold & cough. When it comes to protect your hair in winter, always blow dry hair before stepping out or else get ready for some serious damage and hair break down.

Give Your Hair a Trim

Book yourself an appointment and get your hair trimmed at least once in a month if you have long hair and 3-4 weeks for short hair to avoid worse split-ends.

Stay Hydrated

Your hair is going to have a bad time if you are not drinking enough water daily. Lack of water intake stops hair growth as well as causes great damage. There is no shame in carrying a water bottle with you when traveling to keep yourself hydrated.

Oil Treatments

A gentle massage of essential oils on your scalp can do what cream does to your skin. When winter inflicts havoc on your hair, moisture them with an oil treatment at night.

Keep up with a healthy diet

People usually think that eating a good diet only affect our body. Well, it has much to do with our hair fall too. Add nutrients in your diet like nuts, avocado, salmon, etc. to keep hair shiny.

Follow these tips regularly with dedication and you will definitely see results in a short time. Protect your hair as much as you protect your skin from winter weather.