How to Maintain Healthy Skin In Winter – Tips to Know!

healthy skin in winter - girl

Winter is back in a blink of an eye, not just the season but all the harsh winds, dry air, cold and much more. Winter can be tough on your skin with all itchy red spots. Maintain healthy skin in winter with these relieving tips to prevent skin from getting dry and rough.

Protect your Lips

Healthy Skin in Winter

How? It’s easy. Are you thinking of grabbing a local ChapStick you seeing in every corner of the store? No, that’s not the right solution for dry and cracked lips because it is harmful than anything else. Instead, use a lip balm that moisturizes and hydrates your lips in the dry season.

Say Hello to Sunscreen

Healthy Skin in Winter

We hope you are not one of those who think sunscreen is only for summers. It is as important in winter as it is in summer. Snow directly reflects the sun rays in cold winter days so even if you are just out walking in the park or doing grocery shopping or just hanging around with friends, you must apply sunscreen before stepping out of the door to protect your skin from sun rays.

Humidifier to the Rescue

Healthy Skin in Winter

When it comes to winter precaution, people usually invest more in heaters but you should not neglect humidifier as it moistures the dry air in the room and keeps you hydrated. Keep a small humidifier in your home and office or even in the room you spend most of your time in and use it when the air is too dry.

Stay Hydrated

Winter is not about drinking less water than summers. Drinking enough water every day will reduce sweat from your body and let your heart work properly. Don’t be worried about going for a pee after every hour because our skin is made up of 64% of water and the human body must stay hydrated. Give yourself a warm relaxation with a glass of mint lemonade or a cup of hot chocolate milk and enjoy winters!

Skin-Care Routine

Don’t skip your skin-care routine in winter weather to protect it from dry, itchy, and flaking. Think before using any facial cream on your skin and especially the products that contain alcohol which can further make your skin dry.

Don’t also forget your hands – applying hand cream after washing hands or taking a bath can help the cracks to retain.

Take Warm Bath

It sounds so relieving to take a hot & steamy bubble bath after a long day but it is not good news to your skin in the winter season. Increasing water temperature during the shower or even washing hands can turn your skin red. Take a relaxing bath of lukewarm water to retain your skin’s natural moisture.

Look for Gentle Cleansers

Healthy Skin in Winter

Cleansers can be good for skin but not in winter. If you are habitual of using cleansers than switch it with moisturizing cleansers to combat dry winter skin. When next time you go shopping, look for a product that says fragrance-free because these products may contain fragrance. Limit your soap usage in winters to keep your skin healthy and prevent it from getting dry.

All-time Moisturizers

Healthy Skin in Winter

Frequent moisturizing healthy skin in winter can be a cherry on the cake. Update your night-care regimen with the right pick of moisturizers during your next shopping trip. Make sure to visit to your skin specialist before making any changes because it can cause some serious side effects when not taken care of properly.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Healthy Skin in Winter

Keep counting tips for healthy skin in winter. When the weather starts changing to winter, you must cover your skin with comfortable appropriate winter clothes to prevent cold and flu. It’s time to pull on your favorite sweatshirts and hoodies that are kept inside for a long time. Don’t become an ice bear when it comes to cover you. Instead, chose the right fabric that doesn’t make your skin irritating and itchy. Wear thin clothing that touches your skin directly then carry a heavy sweater to warm you.