10 tips to control hunger while Dieting

control hunger

We know you love food. Getting over your abrupt craving requires expert tips to control hunger especially when you’re on dieting. But everyone deserves a cheat day and I’m sure you need one too. When we finally prepare our mind and start dieting, the very first thing happens is, your body doesn’t get habitual of sudden changes in the beginning. Your mind faces difficulty communicating with your body and in return, your brain starts sending signals of “Hunger.”

More often, food is our necessity and that can’t be ignored. We being busy bees of all day can’t survive much without eating a good quantity and of course, junk food is our addiction. But people who are dieting are most likely to suffer from starvation. To control your appetite from starving and keeping up with your diet, we have brought these tips to make your life easy and survivable.

What should you expect from this post? 10 easy tips to control hunger while dieting.


tips to control hunger
Drink Water

One main thing to focus on is to drink plenty of water. Sometimes even when you’re not much thirsty.

It is scientifically advised that you should drink water to control hunger. Water is a source that facilitates weight loss. It doesn’t only boosts your metabolism but also helps your body stay well-hydrated.

Drinking water before any meal makes you feel full already so you end up eating less. To keep your body hydrated, water fills the requirement. It can be easy to fool hunger pangs with eight glasses of water every day.


tips to control hunger
Chew a Gum

According to a recent study, chewing gum before and after your meals helps to relieve stress and calm you down. Your desire of eating food will automatically be decreased with constant chewing of gum.


tips to control hunger
Add Spice in food

This is going to be easy for you if you are already a fan of spiced-up meals. Adding spices in your food sends instant signals to the brain that you’re almost full of sufficient quantity to satisfy your appetite. Add ginger or capsaicin found in bell peppers to generate heat in your body and burn extra calories.


take protien

Protein is a must-have goal for weight loss plan.

You must be wondering how to control hunger while dieting? It is simple. Take a sufficient amount of protein in your meal to suppress your appetite.

The intake of calories in your body will also be limited by taking proteins.  It is highly recommended to eat eggs and bagels in breakfast that would help overwhelm your stomach.


We know dieting is driving you crazy; after all, it keeps you away from the food you love the most.

tips to control hunger
eat slow

When people start to implement dieting tips, they tend to eat less but super-fast. Study shows that eating slowly gives you a feeling of fullness and reduces your hunger. Eat slowly so you don’t end up overeating.


Raise hands if you’re already aware of this one included in tips to reduce hunger while dieting.

According to the study published in the American Journal of Physiology; any physical activity like yoga or aerobics prepares your brain to control hunger pangs. Yoga may not reduce your weight as compared to physical exercises but it will tone up your body.

tips to control hunger

A high-intensity workout is more likely to suppress hormones of hunger in appetite and lowers the level of ghrelin in our body.


People who stay unfocused during their meals are most likely to end up eating more than usual. When a person pays less attention to their food, the brains get distracted to an alarm that now you’re full.

focus on food

Study shows that people who focus while eating become careful when to stop. These are mind and body techniques to overcome obesity.


stress free

When people are in stress, they usually comfort themselves with a lot of food to overcome their stress. This is unusual than their regular physical hunger, they end up eating food that doesn’t compliment their weight loss diet.

Find ways to overcome your depression and stress. It will not only help your obesity but also help your brain to work normally.


Getting enough sleep doesn’t only includes in tips to control hunger but it also affects your mental and physical health.

tips to control hunger
sleep well

If you still haven’t understood how important your sleep is, then you’re in trouble. Research shows that sufficient seven hours of sleep is a must for the human body.

Lack of sleep can become a big reason for people who suffer weight issues. You might have 55% of obesity risk if you sleep less than 7 seven hours every day.


This may sound foolish or unrealistic but this is considered one of the most effective ways to reduce hunger in weight loss programs.

desireable food

Dieting becomes tough on ourselves sometimes and we desire to eat food that we crave the most. Well, in that case, visualize the variety of food in your mind that you want to eat and think yourself eating it. This method is proven to reduce hunger and craving immediately.


Food is your life and we understand that. If you have made dieting your goal then stick to it with determination.

All the tips mentioned in this article are proven and implemented by our readers. Share your experience with us.