10 Common Skin Care Hacks You Didn’t Know

skin car hacks


Our skin needs some pampering especially when we’re regularly going out under the scorching sun. But does that means we have to buy expensive skin care products or get a weekly appointment to the beauty salon? Not really!

After a lot of discussions and mutual consensus by experts’, we have enlisted some common skin care hacks that will overwhelm you with the options you already have at home. So, let’s talk!

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1. Skin Care Hack for Dark Circles

Dark circles can be disturbing to your skin. And your casual makeup or eye products may not be fully able to get rid of dark circles but it can surely reduce some of its visibility.

skin care hacks
dark cirlces

Speaking of which, there’s a quick remedy to get rid of dark circles at home without spending any penny. Firstly, boil 2 teabags of chamomile and freeze it overnight. After that, whenever you cleanse your face, place frozen teabags on each eye and let it take away the clogged blood under your eyes.

2. Baking Soda Remedy

skin care hacks
baking soda remedies

An ingredient in the kitchen that works wonders for skin. It’s recommended by many skin specialists. Therefore, why don’t you give it a try and experience the outcome by yourself.

To begin with, take 3 tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. Create a paste and before applying, rinse your face off with water and mild soap. After that, pat dry your face and you’ll see the evident results.

3. Wash Your Face with Ice Cold Water

skin care hacks
wash face with ice cold water

If budget is your main concern then nothing can be as cheap as washing face with ice-cold water. This sounds a bit old and unrealistic but it can be a go-to option for fresh and smooth skin care hacks at home.

Other than fresh skin, ice water can make you more awake and active. It cleanses your skin pores and improves inflammation.

4. Reduce Sugar Intake

This might offend all you sweet tooth out there but sugar can be the main cause behind excessive dull skin. In fact, not only dull skin but sugar can also bring up fine lines & stubborn wrinkles on your face. Instead, replace it with other natural sweet products like fruits which include berries, banana, mango, etc.

5. Take Sunscreen Seriously

One thing that is known to affect the most in preventing skin damage is sunscreen. Because it protects your skin from the sun settled above your head in the daytime.

Sunscreen gets recommended by almost every dermatologist because it controls skin aging and maximum exposure from the sun. Therefore, add it must-have in your skin hacks.

6. Add More Protein to Your Diet

protien food

Lack of protein is also one of the most common negligence due to which our skin ages faster than it should. It’s high time you increase maximum protein in your diet with added nutrition. For example, poultry, nuts, seeds, cheese & many other items.

7. Double Cleanse Your Skin

Sometimes even the unnecessary steps prove to be the most essential source of common skin care hacks. Here’s why! You already do cleanse your skin but what’s the need of double cleanser? It purifies your skin deeply and smoothly.

Firstly, start by cleansing your face with an oil-based cleanser to extract the outer layer of oil. After that, apply the water-based cleanser to keep your skin clean and fresh.

8. Take the Blotting Sheet Everywhere

If you’re one of those who deal with oily skin every day, here’s a trick for you. Make a habit of carrying blotting paper in your bag every time you step out of the house. Because blotting sheet absorbs excess oil from your face and gives a clear look. If it is unavailable to you, substitute it with toilet covers (new ones obviously). It works the same!

9. Drink Water

drick water

We couldn’t miss this one out of the list. Because water is considered to be one of the most obvious skin care hacks that won’t cost you a penny. So drink as much water as you can in one day. It boosts your energy and motivates regular blood flow in the body. In other way, it is said that well hydrated body is one of the hidden skin care hacks for acne.

10. Beauty Sleep

We call it beauty sleep for a reason. You probably don’t want to invite wrinkles and dark circle by staying up all night for no reason. People who’re sleep deprived are most likely to cause cortisol (a stress hormone that increases inflammation). It affects negatively on your skin and leaves no option but to make it dull. Therefore, at least sleep 8 hours every night to wake up fresh and active.