5 Ways to Stop Yourself from Overthinking



Thinking sounds healthy to me but overthinking will kill your reality.

As Google says, “Overthinking is an art of creating problems that weren’t even there.” It takes you to a state where you create scenarios that are present just in your head. As a result, you miss out on so many things that require your focus.

Forgot to send out that last paycheck will stop your promotion or speaking a little rude will end your relationship. Sounds relatable? These are a few examples where you think more than you should.
The little did you know is overthinking often leads to depression. It is one of the symptoms of depression and anxiety where you start making up things in your mind.

We have listed below 5 ways to stop yourself from overthinking and get your life back to normal. Quick Note: Bookmark this page to come back and continue reading from where you last paused.

1. Be Aware of Your Situation

Accepting the current change occurring in you is the first step to deal with the problem. You don’t have to panic and run away. Just stay calm and know your situation.


If any moment you feel like that you’re thinking too much over a petty thing that doesn’t deserve much of your attention is a sign of overthinking.
Just know that it’s not too late to overcome the thought, you’re very much under control. Analyze the time where you were all okay and where probably things started to get wrong.

2. Just Let Go

Not every situation deserves hype or attention. Sometimes you have to let go of a few things. Just as we talk about overthinking, it happens only when you let those petty things take over your mind.

If you learn that not everything will go wrong with you. And even if they do, there’s always a lesson to learn.

3. Look for a Distraction

When you are unable to fix your mind from the thought of overanalyzing things, you should find a distraction that keeps you busy.

Things work differently for everyone, but here are a few common things.

  • Spend time with your family – opening up about your current situation in front of your closed ones is the best therapy you can ever get. Besides, they can help you out by giving overthinking motivation.
  • Volunteering social work – nothing works better than making other people happy. Sometimes, people specifically spare time for any kind of social work they can get involved in.
  • Learn new skills – Well, why not get something good out of your mental health. Learning any new skill such as cooking, stitching, painting can keep you off the track.
  • Make new friends – If your story doesn’t excite you, hear somebody else’s. It’s better to make new friends and get some good vibes. Besides, you never know what’s in them that can fix you.

4. Practice Yoga & Meditation

This may sound a little out of the blue but believe me – we’re not getting off the track.

This actually works with many of the people when they start practicing yoga or meditation under stress or depression.

Overthinking is also a part of some kind of depression which can be hard on your health & well-being. It’s alright to take some time off from your life and work on yourself.

5. Look at the Bigger Picture

You’re just thinking about your present situation and not where you will be after 10 years from now. This thought will give you goosebumps that these over-analytical are even worth your time?

Overthinking and anxiety are probably sucking your brain and eating your mind. And you don’t want to let that happen.

Start thinking about your further plans and success. It will automatically bring you back to reality.