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For some people, falling asleep is like blinking an eye, just like that!

But for many of us, it’s like a nightmare (well, even for a nightmare you gotta sleep). This infrequent practice of insomnia makes it harder to stay active the entire day.

Until now all you knew was getting improper sleep is no big deal but in actual, it can affect your memory, mood, body functionality, emotions and other subjects.

Sometimes your body is so tired that it begs to fall asleep fast but your mind just can’t help. The process of trying to fall asleep can be nerve-wracking and stubborn.

Well, here we have listed below 10 ways to fall asleep fast without spending hours in trying hard than actual sleeping.

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1. Fix Your Sleep Routine

Fall Asleep Fast

 We obviously don’t go to bed at the same bed we went to yesterday. Sleeping at a different time every day especially on weekends is a common habit for many of us.

However, an irregular sleeping practice can disturb your body’s circadian functionality. The basic role of circadian rhythm is to determine whether the body is ready to go for sleep or not.

Setting an approx time for daily sleep can help the circadian rhythm to form a pattern of sleeping faster.

2.  Neutralize Your Room Temperature

Your body temperature changes as soon as you fall asleep. That means the core temperature of your body increases while the temperature of your hands and feet decreases.

If your room is set to a low or warm temperature so it might give you a hard to fall asleep. It’s better to neutralize the room thermostat for non-disturbing sleep the entire night.

3. Keep the Room Dark

The reason behind most people don’t prefer working in the night shift is because sleeping in a daytime is harder. Our circadian rhythm knows to fall asleep when the atmosphere is set dark with no bright lights.

Therefore, if you tend to sleep faster, turn the lights off and avoid completing your sleep in the daytime.

4. Practice Yoga & Meditation

Another reason why some people face difficulty in falling asleep is that they are mentally stressed or anxious.

Nothing could work better than fall asleep fast guided meditation that can make your mind relax. And, on the other hand, yoga will normalize your breathing and muscles to help relieve stress.

At least practice yoga and meditation for 15 minutes a day and you will fall asleep faster.

5. Read Book before Going to Bed

Reading fictional storybooks help the brain to ignore personal thoughts which hold it back to fall asleep fast. But it is recommended to avoid books that can be disturbing to your mind.

6. Avoid Daytime Napping

While the small naps in the daytime have been proved to alert and active the body. Whereas it also a reason behind your nighttime sleep deprivation.

People who sleep only a few hours at night are often found tired and sleepy in the daytime. And automatically your body tends to take long naps which can be resulted in poor sleep at night.

relax your muscles Avoid long time (2 hours or more) napping. However, you may take short naps to.

7. Don’t Take Caffeine before Bed

Caffeine is famous for its quality to evoke alertness and activeness in the body. The consumption of caffeine right before going to bed will keep you awake like an owl. And for some, consuming caffeine during any time of the day can affect their quality of sleep. It’s advised to avoid caffeine at least 4 hours before sleeping.

8.  Listen to Some Slow Music

Some people are habitual of listening to music in their bedtime. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it but the music you listen to matters.

Avoid listening to loud & jazzy music which can distract your mind from falling asleep. Instead, listen to some slow music which can relax your brain so that you fall asleep fast & better.

9. Know Your Perfect Sleeping Position

Fall Asleep Fast

A perfect sleeping posture can make you fall asleep in 10 minutes. Whereas, a constant change in sleeping position can distract your brain from the idea of falling into sleep.

It’s good to sleep in your comfort. So make sure you’re in your comfortable clothes, sleeping spot, and position.

10 Take a Warm Bath

Fall Asleep Fast

Some people (including me) cannot sleep with sweat on their body or with higher body temperature. A warm bath or shower can relax your muscles and lower your body temperature which will make you fall asleep fast.

Avoid taking cold water baths at night, you can most likely catch a cold & cough.