Pregnancy Diet: What Food Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

pregnancy diet


Pregnancy is the most essential period in women’s life which requires absolutely zero compromises on even the slightest detail.

During pregnancy what matters most is the women’s pregnancy diet that has to be scheduled under the doctor’s recommendation. Because as they say, a pregnant woman is responsible for two livers; hers & her child’s!

With that being said, we often confuse ourselves when it comes to dos & donts for our baby’s health (mother’s priority after all).
But at the same time, it is important to distinguish which meal goes inside your body, and is it beneficial for the life growing inside you? What can you expect from this post?

A handful of dos & donts which tells exactly what a pregnant woman should avoid during 9 months of pregnancy. Hence keep reading!

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Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy


Intake of meat can be proved healthy for the health of the mother and the child. But a million-dollar question is how much?

Any meat that is uncooked or under-cooked is highly not-recommended to intake during pregnancy.

Other than that, the normal portion of chicken, beef, pork can be consumed with no traces of blood. You better watch out for Salami, Pastrami, Pepperoni, Liver or Chorizo as they can be toxic for health.

Mercury-Contained Fish

Raw or uncooked fish is anyway never recommended but it has to be highly avoided during pregnancy. Because it contains various bacteria that can be harmful to the unborn baby.

At the same time, fish that contains high-mercury are;

  • Swordfish
  • Tuna
  • King Mackerel
  • Shark
  • Orange roughy
  • Marline
  • Bigeye

These above-mentioned fishes contain a high-level of mercury as they are considered the toxic element because of their residue in dirty water.

It might affect pregnant women’s liver, kidney and immune system which may bring indigestive diseases. If you are fond of eating fish, remember that not every fish contains high-mercury level. In fact, the consumption of low-mercury fish is actually healthy.You may include it in your pregnancy diet to lose weight

Say No to Caffeine

In one thing or another, our body is habitual of taking caffeine. Either in tea, coffee or cocoa – we everyday consume at least some amount of caffeine.

pregnancy diet

But when it comes to pregnancy, taking more than 200mg per day (12-ounce cup every day) can be cautious. As caffeine absorbs quickly and reaches to plectra which can build up a high-level of an enzyme. Continuous intake of caffeine can also result in low-weight birth at the time of delivery

Raw or Uncooked Eggs

Eggs are a source of protein but it also comes with a few rare complications during pregnancy.

pregnancy diet
raw eggs

It is mixed with Salmonella which causes infection in the mother’s body. As a result, a pregnant woman might experience fever, nausea, cramps or diarrhea.

  • Mayonnaise
  • Salad dressing
  • Poached egg
  • Mousse
  • Icing
  • Hollandaise sauce

Never eat canned or packed food without reading the complete label. And in the best-case scenario, try to avoid it.

Drinking Alcohol

Not only pregnancy, even in normal alcohol isn’t the best product for everyday consumption. It is okay a few drinks on occasion but drinking daily can damage your liver and lungs.

pregnancy diet

Coming back to the topic, pregnant women are often advised to exclude alcohol intake from the pregnancy diet plan. Because it brings major risks or miscarriage, early birth, or stillbirth.  In fact, doctors say that even a little amount of alcohol can affect your baby’s mental health.

Canned & Junk Food

By now it’s quite how health-conscious you have to be during your pregnancy period. Including pregnancy diet guidelines for everything. Even the slightest recklessness can result in something bad.

pregnancy diet
junk food

Canned or junk food is not even an option for you if you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant. As there is nearly zero value of nutrients or vitamins in junk food that your body requires.

You might not experience too much negative impact of eating junk food during pregnancy but this can result in delivery complications such as overweighed birth.