Secret Revealed – How Do Food Bloggers Get Free Stuff



Whoa! It’s like winning goodie bag at a birthday party, where you don’t have to pay but still get free stuff and tasty food! But does this happens to our food bloggers in real life?

Many of us might think that becoming a food blogger is a one-day job where you simply create a public profile, add a classy bio, update a few posts and VOILA – You’re a blogger now!

That only sounds better in your frictional world because you have no idea how much efforts, time and on-point strategies it takes to become a successful blogger on the internet. Earning money through it comes way after that.

For now, let’s not get into that. Today we’ll talk about how do food bloggers get FREE stuff doing what they do. And are we the ones becoming trapped in this dilemma?

What can you expect from this post?

This blog will clear your 100% doubts that how do bloggers get free stuff by blogging and can anyone take advantage of it?

But do keep in mind that getting something for “free” sounds as mysterious as the secret of Bermuda triangle yet people are still digging for it. It equivalents hectic of work and efforts before you finally reach to that zone.

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Do Beginners Get Free Stuff?

Bloggers who just started their career in blogging will not abruptly start getting unpaid stuff for advertising.

Since the competition is pretty tough out there, there are minimum chances of your audience getting engaged with you. Unless you have some mind-boggling strategies or tactics to stand out of the crowd.

If you’re a beginner, your prime focus should be gaining an audience and keeping them engaged in your content. Thinking about free perks should be your least concern at first!

Will Brands Ever Notice Me?

At first, no brand will even notice that you exist. Yes, this sounds discouraging but you have to deal with it. There are no 100% chances that you’ll only succeed as one of the top food bloggers on the internet.

There are tons of people out there who tried but never got succeeded. Well, that doesn’t mean if they can’t do it so as you. Your strategy might be different than their and people love that!

The incredible engagement and hype on your profile will attract the top-rated brands towards building a connection with you. It will take time but it’s so much worth it.

How Will Brands Reach Out to Me?

Well, food bloggers who have been doing it successfully for years have now hired a manager or personal assistant to answer their emails and offers.

You can put your contact details in your bio where brands and companies can contact you for advertising their products or services.

Suppose if you have a generous fan base who’s interested to know about weight loss, many fitness and health will contact you to publicize how food bloggers lose weight with their products.

It is important to only accept partnership for products that relates your niche. Otherwise, there are good chances that your audience may not welcome it happy heartedly. Even more, you won’t be able to target and stick to specific platforms and excel in it.

Who Will Offer Me Free Stuff?

Let me tell you how this actually works. Suppose I’ve newly started a fast-food venture but I’m not getting much reach from people. What would I do? I would go to a famous food blogger (keeping in mind my budget) who has a sufficient number of followers in their account. I’ll ask them to review my products online and let people know about a food venture. That’s how you’ll get “free” stuff from vendors and brands to advertise them on your channel.

Will I Even Get Paid Along with Free Stuff?

I guess that’s the only reason many food bloggers are doing it. Along with the free stuff you’ll definitely be paid a sufficient amount for each paid campaign and definitely more money if the project is long-term.

For example, if you get an offer for the product-related weight loss regime, you can showcase it on your profile with how food bloggers stay slim. That’s how people who follow you for fitness and health tips, would surely fall into buying those products.

Take Message Home!

If you’re doing it for free stuff and glamour, I suggest, don’t do it. Because you’d be only doing it for getting unpaid items and sweet nothings. Step up only if this is your passion to be a food blogger. Because there will come a time when you’ll get bored if you aren’t passionate about it. And believe me, your audience will know about it.