Can Food Really Improve Mental Health?


Food not only satisfies your stomach but also deals with your mental health. Food plays a vital role in the recovery of people dealing with depression and stress. Research studies show that the right selection of fruits, vegetables, and supplements can be a tool for good mental health.

According to the common study of a nation’s health agency CDC, it is stated that until 2020, depression would be considered one of the highest-rated diseases.

Mental deppression

Every day you eat without noticing the quality of food can be a big reason behind any change, physically or mentally. It’s not always about fulfilling our stomach it’s about making every bite count towards a healthy lifestyle.

Since science has still not given us the exact reason or cause behind anxiety and depression that why transformation in our diet connects our brain.

But we know the fact that few vitamins which we intake, helps enzymes that assist reactions, for example, the combination of serotonin, which plays a vital role in our happiness,”

Let’s talk about what might be the reason behind mental illness:

Low Diet

Taking a poor diet or lack of essential nutrients can lead you to many major diseases such as heart problems, obesity, and cancer. Many people around the world die due to improper dietary routines. Globally 1 of 5 deaths is associated with a poor diet that’s why you shouldn’t be careless about what you eat.

Be Healthy Be Happy

You might be left wondering what counts healthy. It’s easy, try including maximum fruits and veggies in your diet regimen. Fruits & vegetables contain a variety of nutrients, protein and, calcium that will keep you energetic. Apart from fruit and vegetables, you can eat a full range of whole grains, fresh fish, legumes, oats, beans lentils, nuts, etc. that supports your brain movement. You can save sugary and fat foods for your cheat days. People who eat a healthy diet are most likely to get rid of depression real soon.

Children’s Diet

Pregnancy is the most critical stage for a mother. Whatever you eat during your 9 months directly affects your child inside you. People who take an unhealthy diet like junk and added sugar are more likely to see their children’s emotional disorders.

Health problems start occurring at an early age and it especially affects kids who are fond of eating junk food either in schools or in the park while playing. Research has shown the youth with a healthy diet routine can easily avoid getting into depression than those who are habitual of processed foods.

How Can You Save Your Brain?

We all have a key area of the brain called the hippocampus which is connected to your diet. The area of the brain includes the function of memory retrieval, learning, and mental conditions. People who eat healthily are likely to memorize things easily than those who eat unhealthily. One thing which should be cleared is, no diet is perfect. Not every diet is suitable for everyone. Before doing some unusual changes get a check with your nutritionist.

A Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is a diet inspired by Greece and Italy. This diet is based on fruits and vegetables that are also essential for your brain. Mediterranean diet not only benefits young ages but also old people. Those who are aged above 60 tend to be more physically and mentally active by taking this diet. Mediterranean diet provides you the whole package of wholesome foods like fish, fruits, veggies, nuts, oats, and legumes to lower your depression level.

Say NO To Expensive Diet

A healthy diet is not going to cost you a lot. It can be cheaper than junk and canned foods so don’t get confused that a healthy diet means spending much on the grocery. Nutrients and minerals come in handy when you focus much on improving your diet and less on your desires.